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Hooba news for those of you that dont read the messageboards a lot

Heres a message from Doug that was on the messageboards...as some of you who attended the show in plattsburgh, ny may realize, markku was not with us on stage. i am here to now explain the whole story behind this. markku has decided that after 11 years in the band and 5 years of hard touring it was time to pursue other interests. from other styles and genres of music to possibly even settling down to start a family. it has been a very difficult and interesting time for us. on one hand we have had to deal with the loss of someone we care about deeply and whom we only wish the best for. on the other hand we've been dealing with finding someone to replace him. you can't replace someone who has been a part of our family for so long. you can only hope to find someone who shares the same musical vision and life ideals as we do. we feel we have found someone in matt mckenzie who will not try to be the "next markku" but will try to add to this band in his own way. matt has been a close friend of chris's since high school up in humboldt county. i know some of you have heard "rumors" about a new bass player. we had not mentioned anything to the fans, or anyone else really, because we were not 100% sure of the entire situation. we did not want to report one thing and then have to come back and say another. we needed to be absolutely certain of what was going on. finding a bass player whom you feel fits with you takes time. also as most of you know, dan and i have been writing our asses off for the new album. from the VR tour all the way up through 2 weeks ago. we went straight from the tour into pre-production then staright into the studio. we are there 12 hours a day. we have been focused on that and that alone. we haven't been on our computers reading posts or anything else. i apologize to those who might have felt like they deserved to know sooner. this has not been a easy time for us. i'm not up to speed on how and when to report on something like this. i have done what has made me the most comfortable and that is to tell you guys now. once again i'm sorry if my waiting has caused any confusion. for the record everything is cool between us and markku. we don't hate each other. we still talk and markku even mentioned that he'd finally get to see us from the othere side. he also was very excited to hear how the new cd was going to sound. he thought it was going to be great. we know that this might sadden some of our fans but it is done. we just hope that you understand. like i said before, this has not been the easiest of times for the band. it's just like any other type of relationship. one aspect of it has ended but another has begun. i don't really know what else to say about it. we love you guys. man that was weird just writing that.
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