<3 (toxiiic) wrote in hoobafans,

Hoobastank for sale

I am selling their C.D. not the band member silly ;). The C.D. is Hoobastank first self title C.D. HOOBASTANK (2001.) The C.D. has never been used (I'm not into rock music.) The C.D. covering is made of paper and is in pretty good condition. The back cover has a little glue on the bar code and un-noticeable scratches. The booklet is still intact with no pages torn out and the C.D. itself is in mint condition. I'm sorry there is no picture because I don't have a digital camera but here is a picture I got from amazon:

Please e-mail me or comment if you're interested: loclinh23@hotmail.com
I accept Paypal because I think its more safer.
I don't know how much shipping usually cost but the C.D. is going for $8.00.

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